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What is the Baseline Protocol?

The Baseline Protocol initiative was announced on March 4, 2020 and launched as an open source / open standards project, governed by the OASIS Open standards body under the Ethereum OASIS Open Project. From 29 June 2021 to 8 April 2024, the Ethereum OASIS Open Project was known as EEA Community Projects.

Baseline is a set of tools and libraries that enables enterprises to synchronize complex, multiparty, business processes with privacy and without putting any sensitive information on shared databases or any kind of blockchain.

Zero Knowledge circuits employ a common frame of reference that allows all parties in a networked business process to maintain their own systems-of-record in a verified state of consistency. Public blockchain is advised but not required.


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Open Source Community Operations

Several organizations and teams of community members coordinate to manage Baseline, which ensures progress toward the ubiquitous implementation and adoption of the protocol.


OASIS, as a standards body, employs key personnel and resources to manage the Baseline Protocol as a project within their Ethereum OASIS Open Project.

Project Governance Board (PBG)

The PBG serves as a cross-section of the community, organized by OASIS.

Representing nonprofit organizations, multinational companies, leading startups, and the stakeholder community at-large, the PGB is accountable for ensuring the balance and integrity of the Baseline Protocol.

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Technical Steering Committee (TSC)

The TSC is accountable to the PGB for core developer management, code repository integrity, and defining the roadmap for Baseline.

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