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2023 Roadmap for the Baseline Protocol Released!

The Technical Steering Committee (TSC) has released the 2023 Roadmap which outlines the high priorities for the advancement of the Baseline Protocol for the year. The breakdown of the roadmap is as follows:


  1. Complete Baseline Protocol Implementation 3 (BRI-3), which follows a simple and vendor-agnostic approach to enable the subsequent roadmap items, (read more here).
  2. Conduct a demonstration of interoperability for Baseline Protocol Implementations (BPIs) for a simple use case to produce results of standard interoperability.
  3. Develop an SDK of out-of-the-box tools for BRI-3 for developers to create a BPI.


  1. Conduct a BPI roadshow through a series of in-person and virtual events to demonstrate BPIs.
  2. Host an interoperability event for BPI interop demonstration.


  1. Reach final project specification of the Baseline Protocol standard as an OASIS standard.

To learn more and contribute to these items, join the open source community at baseline-protocol.org. See the 2023 Roadmap for full details and timelines.