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Baseline Protocol - Q2 2024 Status Update

Posted April 25, 2024 by Baseline Technical Steering Committee ‐ 3 min read
Categories: Core Dev Update

Baseline Protocol - Q2 2024 Status Update 

While the Baseline Protocol community has been quieter lately, our core members have been diligently working behind the scenes to advance the technical specification.

Here’s a look at our key updates:

Baseline Protocol standard status:

All testability statements for the Baseline Protocol have been submitted within the standards repo. This clears the way to submit the Protocol to OASIS as an official draft. Two complete implementations are still required, which depend on the completion of BRI-3.

BRI-3 work nearing completion:

The Baseline Reference Implementation-3 which became the top priority in 2022 for the progression of the standard, to develop a complete and fully open source implementation, is almost complete. The group of grant recipients and Baseline Core Devs are in the fifth and final milestone, which focuses on delivering BRI-3 v1.0, which supports general business use cases, ensuring that all grant-related features and functionalities are tested. The full scope of the grant can be found here.

Fundraising for interoperability grants: 

The next major focus will be interoperability, which proves the compatibility and integration of two different standard implementations. We’re seeking funding to support open-source contributors in this work, which includes technical testing, demonstration, and outreach to showcase its value to enterprises. If you’re interested in funding this stage of development, please email baseline-team@oasis-open.org.

Interoperability workgroup launch:

Last year, the interoperability workgroup started the groundwork of outlining an interoperability use case for synchronizing master banking data and is ready to pick efforts back up with the completion of BRI-3. The community members are seeking additional individual and enterprise participants that are interested in the cross section of privacy preserving technologies such as the use of zero knowledge cryptography in the Baseline Protocol with banking use cases,  to join the work. Please email baseline-team@oasis-open.org to learn more.

Interoperability outreach support:

Alongside the development of the interoperability demonstration, community members will be kicking off the events and roadshow alongside to ensure decision makers, implementers, and beneficiaries to understand and see the practical applications. This will be a vital effort to accurately communicate how the deeply-technical protocol can save businesses money and alleviate data privacy concerns. If you’re skilled and interested in writing, speaking, and/or evangelizing with us, please email baseline-team@oasis-open.org.


Although the Baseline Protocol has been operating quietly, the work by the Technical Steering Committee, standards workgroup, and Core Devs have been progressing towards the roadmap items. 

There are various priorities kicking off once BRI-3 is completed, all focused on progressing the standards towards enterprise adoption.

We’re thankful for the past and current community members who have contributed to the efforts and are a driving force behind the protocol’s progression. 

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