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EEA Community Projects, Governing Body of the Baseline Protocol, Welcomes Envision Blockchain Solutions as Sponsor

Posted March 28, 2022 by  ‐ 3 min read

Wakefield, Mass., – March 28, 2022 – Today, EEA Community Projects announced that Envision Blockchain Solutions has become a sponsor of the initiative in support of the Baseline Protocol project. As a sponsor, Envision joins fellow Baseline sponsors including Accenture, Arca, Chainlink, ConsenSys, the EEA, EY, Ethereum Foundation, Mover, Morpheus Network, Nethermind, Provide, SAP, Splunk, and Unibright in providing strategic vision, governance, technical guidance, and financial support for the work.

“We’re excited to have Envision join the Baseline community, alongside a growing list of global leaders that are sponsoring the Baseline Protocol. Envision’s sponsorship is especially important because baselining is all about security in multi-party processes, and highlights how important it is that we come together to help organizations reshape and build trust within vertical industries,” said John Wolpert, ConsenSys Group Executive and Baseline Protocol Technical Steering Committee Chair.

Launched in March of 2020, the Baseline Protocol uses advances in peer-to-peer messaging, zero-knowledge cryptography, and blockchain technology to coordinate complex, confidential workflows between enterprises without moving company data out of traditional systems of record.

“We are thrilled to have Envision join as a sponsor of the EEA Community Projects in support of the Baseline initiative. Envision will be collaborating with the hundreds of companies and thousands of individuals are already actively participating in the Baseline initiative because it enables private collaboration between companies without sensitive data going on-chain,” said Dan Burnett, EEA Executive Director and EEA Community Projects Governing Board Chair.

To learn more about becoming a Sponsor or joining the Projects Governing Board, visit here or contact the EEA Community Projects administrator. For more information go to baseline-protocol.org.

About Envision

Envision Blockchain Solutions is a Blockchain Ledger Agnostic Systems Integrator. The company’s mission is to reshape and align today’s Enterprise systems allowing organizations to recognize the new value in tomorrow’s Industry Vertical Solutions. The management team has years of Fortune 500 experience and has built a team of subject matter experts in Blockchain and Business Transformation Processes within Emerging Technologies. Envision focuses on guiding organizations through 3 major milestones on their Blockchain journey: Use Case Analysis, Proof of Concept Development and Enterprise Scaled Deployments.

About the EEA Community Projects’ Baseline Protocol

The Baseline Protocol is an open-source EEA Community Projects’ initiative that enables confidential and complex collaboration between enterprises without moving any sensitive data from traditional systems of record. The work is governed by the EEA Community Projects, which leverages the strengths of both the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA)’s and OASIS Open’s leadership role in open and open source Ethereum business standards respectively. Baseline sponsors include Accenture, Arca, Chainlink, ConsenSys, the EEA, EY, Ethereum Foundation, Mover, Morpheus Network, Nethermind, Provide, SAP, Splunk, and Unibright. For more information about Baseline, visit https://docs.baseline-protocol.org/baseline-protocol/the-baseline-protocol.