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Unibright ONE – Service Platform to Synchronize Enterprise Business Processes Released by Unibright

Posted January 11, 2023 by Baseline Outreach Team ‐ 2 min read

Unibright ONE – Service Platform to Synchronize Enterprise Business Processes Released by Unibright

Unibright has recently released a new service platform to continue their progress in their pursuit to provide blockchain-based business process integration as outlined in the Baseline Protocol Standard. The Baseline Protocol is an open source standard that combines zero-knowledge cryptography, self-sovereign identity, and blockchain technology to overcome trust barriers found in digital business process automation between enterprises. Unibright’s new platform, Unibright ONE, works in concert with previous Unibright offerings that leverage inspiration from the Baseline Standard such as Baseledger and conUBC.

Altogether, this platform simplifies the effort required for enterprises to integrate their existing IT systems with beneficial blockchain technology. Unibright ONE is a web-based service application that offers a service API from which ERP systems can access all needed microservices to automate and synchronize their business processes. Using the “SyncTree” technology provided with Unibright ONE, the exchange of business objects can be notarized, in other words, verifiably proved that all participants within a business process have reached consensus on every part of a business step, including but not limited to whether a document is correct, accepted, rejected, sent, or received. This consensus is reached by converting business objects into a merkle tree where the leaves consist of object attributes. To ensure full process correctness, the root of the tree itself is stored on-chain where all participants can access it. Just as git uses merkle trees to track all changes in codebase, these merkle trees can be used in tandem with zero knowledge to verify the correctness of any given shared state between counterparties engaged in business transactions and keep the sensitive data included in those transactions off-chain.

It should not be forgotten that enterprise adoption of blockchain technology is heavily reliant on ease of use. In tandem with the conUBC SAP connector, enterprises can now experience streamlined pay-per-transaction use of Unibright ONE to synchronize workflows, all without needing to leave the technical boundaries of SAP when automating notarized ERP workflows. Ironing out the regulatory complications of cryptocurrency custody and use, bringing the synchronization of business workflows into a matter of low-code setup, and removing the need for complex ERP integrations are all boasted as benefits of this new offering in tandem with the Unibright ecosystem.

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