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The Baseline Protocol, governed by the OASIS Open standards and part of EEA Community Projects, advances a standard method for universal verified state synchronization. Join other industry-leading organizations in supporting this unique approach to low-cost, multiparty coordination under zero knowledge.

Technical participation is free and open to all developers, which is why Baseline relies on a core group of stakeholder organizations whose financial commitment ensures that the initiative stays on track and receives the resources it needs to succeed.

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EEA Community Projects Sponsors

Why your company should become a sponsor

By joining EEA Community Projects, your company ensures that the Baseline protocol gets done right and gets to...

  • Reap the benefits of secure multi-party workflows
  • Be recognized as part of a global alliance of leaders in state synchronization and zero-knowledge
  • Take advantage of shared community development to accelerate and augment your own R&D
  • Build consensus on key issues
  • Get short-listed by prospective Baseline customers who require interoperable solutions
  • Be recognized for your ability to interoperate in an ecosystem with other leading organizations

Members provide funding that's necessary for Baseline’s technical administration, IP management, governance, collaboration tools, community support, outreach, event services, and incentives for technical contributions.

Membership Benefits


  • Guide Baseline agenda with a seat on the EEA Community Projects Governing Board (one-org/one-vote). Have a seat at the table with other leaders in the industry and help determine the strategic direction of Baseline and other EEA Community Projects
  • Vote to approve Baseline Specifications and other deliverables
  • Decide which Baseline deliverables to advance through the OASIS standards process
  • Determine when approved work should be submitted to ISO, IEC, ITU, etc.
  • Receive greater insight into Baseline roadmaps
  • Forge productive partnerships by engaging with industry leaders
  • Help select open source license(s) used by EEA Community Projects
  • Elect Governing Board Chair(s)


  • Receive actionable leads from prospects by being featured on the Get Baselined web page
  • Enjoy prominent placement of your logo on the Baseline website and marketing materials
  • Create an announcement of your membership with help from the EEA and OASIS PR teams
  • Be identified in all Baseline press releases
  • See your executives quoted in Baseline press releases and on website testimonials
  • Speak on behalf of Baseline at conferences, workshops, etc.
  • Participate in Baseline interoperability demos, plugfests, and product showcases
  • Build goodwill with prospects and developers by including your organization on the
  • Baseline member roster
  • Demonstrate your leadership position by using the Baseline logo on your collateral
  • Attract prospects by promoting your use cases on the Baseline website

Full OASIS Open Membership

  • EEA Community Projects members also receive all the benefits of corporate sponsorship in the global OASIS Open.
  • Vote on all candidate OASIS Standards (not just Baseline)
  • Nominate candidates and vote in OASIS Board of Directors elections
  • Hold an elected seat on OASIS Board of Directors
  • Enjoy featured placement of your logo on OASIS Open website and roster
  • Promote your relevant conference presentations in OASIS events calendar
  • Save money with discounts on sponsoring and attending OASIS-hosted events
  • Get advice from OASIS senior management on your open source contributions and ideas for new projects

Annual Membership Dues

Premier Sponsor
$ 65,000
General Sponsors
2,000+ employees$ 29,000
500-1,999 employees$ 17,500
100-499 employees$ 11,500
10-99 employees$ 5,800
Fewer than 10 employees$ 2,400
Nonprofit, university, local or non-OECD government$ 1,200

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