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The Baseline Protocol

The Standard for

  • Universal Verified State Synchronization &
  • Multiparty Coordination Using Zero Knowledge
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What is the Baseline Protocol?

The Baseline Protocol is a set of tools and libraries that helps enterprises coordinate complex, multi-party business processes and workflows with privacy while keeping data in respective systems of record.

The standard enables two or more state machines to achieve and maintain data consistency and workflow continuity by using a network as a common frame of reference.

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We encourage everyone interested in learning more or accelerating the Baseline Protocol to join our open source teams!

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Baseline Core Devs

Core Devs are the backbone of the community and have an active role in developing and enhancing the protocol.

Outreach Team

Members communicate, advocate, and educate the world on the advantages of using and contributing to the protocol.

Standards Team

Members of the standards team work to define and contribute to the specifications of baseline compliance.

The Baseline Show - every Wednesday @ 12pm EST

Baseline Office Hours - weekly session with guest interviews, featured community members, and engaging discussions.

General Assembly - monthly community updates.


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